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Thread: IWE Mp3 player compoent XML help

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    IWE Mp3 player compoent XML help

    Hello everyone, i have a question i hope you all can help me with. I downloaded the IWE mp3 player componet from the Macromedia exchange site. But i dont really know anything about XML yet, i plan on sitting don with an XML book soon to teach myself, but frankly i dont have time to do that for this project right now. So i need help on how to set up and format the xml file to load my mp3's. If some can upload a sample file i can modify to work with that would even better for me. Hope i can get some quick help on this, thanks for reading.

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    hello there !!!
    I really can't teach u XML here lol But u just wanna know how to format XML File so here is my "Song.XML" i m using it on my website and it's working very fine lol.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    (song path="love.mp3" artist="Mc Graw" title="lets make love"/)
    (song path="love2.mp3" artist="Nelly and McGraw" title="over and over"/)

    please replace "(" with < and >
    couldn't use them so i tried "("

    hope it will help
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