heres an odd one - i'm loading movieclips into a scrollpane, then setting a function on them for mousedown like so:


paneShirts.content.attachMovie("mcLogo", "XenaWarriorPrincess", 51, {_x:0, _y:0});
paneShirts.content.attachMovie("mcLogo", "XenaWarriorPrincess2", 56, {_x:0, _y:500});

paneShirts.content.XenaWarriorPrincess.onMouseDown =function(){

paneShirts.content.XenaWarriorPrincess2.onMouseDow n=function(){

however, the onMouseDown is attaching to the scrollpane. as the idea is to set a variable in the _root depending upon which movieclip is clicked, this is buggering up my project!

any idea why this might be or what i can do to circumvent it?

thanks in advance