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Thread: but Flash 5 does not support embedded video

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    but Flash 5 does not support embedded video

    But how to get that stuff to QT when I have some embedded video in my project that Flash 5 versions do not support ?

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    Specifying publish settings for QuickTime videos
    The QuickTime Publish Settings option creates videos in the same QuickTime format you have installed on your computer. For example, if you have QuickTime 5 installed, Flash publishes the QuickTime video in version 5.

    The Flash document plays in the QuickTime video exactly as it does in Flash Player, retaining all its interactive features. If the Flash document also contains a QuickTime video, Flash copies it to its own track in the new QuickTime file.

    The current version of the QuickTime Player (as of this writing) supports Flash Player 4 SWF file playback. For best results, Flash content that you export to the QuickTime format should contain only those features supported by Flash Player 4. Future releases of the QuickTime Player might support additional Flash file formats.

    If you try to export Flash Player 6 or 7 content to the QuickTime format, an error message will appear, indicating that the installed version of QuickTime does not support that version of Flash Player. To resolve this issue, you can select Flash Player 4 from the Version pop-up menu on the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog box. For more information, see Setting publish options for the Flash SWF file format.

    If a newer version of the QuickTime Player becomes available that supports Flash Player 6 and later versions, you can install the updated QuickTime version and publish your document as QuickTime files that target those versions of Flash Player.

    For more information on QuickTime videos, see your QuickTime documentation.


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