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Thread: goto scene in buried button

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    goto scene in buried button

    I have a series of buttons inclded in an MC, on each button in the MC is a goto script, it is supposed to go to a scene called "item1", however it does nothing. The MC resides in the scene "main". I can get the button to conrtol the "main" timline

    on (release) {_root.gotoAndPlay (1)}

    but midifcations like
    on (release) {_root.gotoAndPlay ("item1", 1)}

    on (release) {gotoAndPlay ("item1", 1)}

    on (release) {_root.itme1.gotoAndPlay (1)}

    I have even tried putting a named anchor on the first frame on item1 called item1-go

    on (release) {gotoAndPlay ("item1-go)}

    I am fairly sure that the problem is that the button is in an MC. That requires the control path to get out of the MC and into main and then switch to item1. How do I get it to switch to item1?

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    Label frame not anchor in the target scene with itemgo and use this

    PHP Code:

    Hope it help. Bye.

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