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Thread: Linking to a Flash Frame via HTML

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    Linking to a Flash Frame via HTML

    Does anyone here know if there is a way to link to a frame in a Flash Movie from a html page.

    I would Imagine that this could be accomplised using .as files...but I have not seen anything really going into detail as to how it can or cant be done.

    Any Ideas, thoughts???

    I apologize for posting this Im sure this topic has been beaten to death but for some reason the forum search tool is down.

    There has got to be a way to accomplish this.

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    you could try to make a frameset with html and put separate flash movies in it, for example navigation.swf,content_main.swf,title.swf
    and then link to other content swfs for example content_1.swf content_2.swf and load them in the content frame... that should solve the problem, if i'm understanding you problem....
    sorry for my bad spelling, i'm dutch.....

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