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Thread: mx 2004 keeps pasting my text in middle of stage

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    mx 2004 keeps pasting my text in middle of stage


    The subject says it all.... This is very annoying, I want the text to be pasted where i put it, not middle of stage... How can i turn off this stupid feature...


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    select "Paste in place" under the Edit menu....or Ctrl + Shift + v
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    That sometimes works, but not always...

    this issue is this. I redo text on many things i have built, so when i copy in the new text, instead of putting it over the text i have selected and wish to paste over, it drops it in the middle of the screen...

    I have tried what you suggested and i works 50% of the time...

    WTF is macromedia doing by changing shortcuts that are used by all software across the board.

    What a bunch of idiots...

    I use shortcuts constantly, now i have to unlearn "paste" for 1 piece of software...

    And it doesnt even always work "control-shift-v"

    Thay have a feature where u can chage your flash shortcut prefernces, but it doenst work, wont save my changed settings.

    Im venting here, but i think it may be better to just use MX, and scrap MX 2004...


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