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Thread: Make 2 cents per search (40 searches max per day) Thats awesome!

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    Make 2 cents per search (40 searches max per day) Thats awesome!

    Hey guys. My friend showed me a sweeeeeet way to make some money on the net. All I ask is that you just register under my referral link (I will get as much money as you make but it doesn't subtract any of the money you make at all so don't worry, get your friends to sign up under you as well and you can make money from all of their searches too). Ok, check it out.

    Step 1: Click here > Then Click Register
    Step 2: Once, registered all you gotta do is log into your account and enter any word into the search box, select whichever site you want to search on.
    Note: An easy way to do this is...Type a word in, select Thesaurus in the drop down menu, enter the anti-cheat code shown to you then click the submit button. Once your at the Thesuarus site just copy one of the Synonyms and then at the very top click the Go Back to search link. Then paste that word into the search box and continue. This way is just easiest to each 40 searches (which is the max you can do per day) in less time.

    Ok, there you have it. An easy way to get some cashola. The money you make goes to your PayPal account (Oh yea, setup a paypal account first, lol) Then when you reach $50 it gets put into your paypal account, which you can then use to buy stuff online without having a credit card or whatever. I think this is really sweet. I believe they pay every 15 days (if you reach $50 or more) but if you don't reach $50 every 15 days the money just rolls over to the next time and so forth, so just keep searchin everyday (40 times if you want to reach the max) and get your friends to sign up under you so you get how ever much they make per day also.

    Have fun.
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    spammer. Die , spammer. die.

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    Re: Make 2 cents per search (40 searches max per day) Thats awesome!

    2 cents per search, max 40 per day?

    Max of 80 cents per day?

    Think I'll retire on this one.

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    Ban him!

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    youve been here almost a year...and you DONT know better than to SPAM FK?

    WOW...a valuable resource and you dis-respect it liek this...


    you dont bite the hand that feeds man...

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    This is so closed.

    Don't post anything like this here again, anything with even the hint of a pyramid or traffic scheme or even a referal ID in a URL.

    This is a community not a business opportunity.

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