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Thread: Fullscreen and aligning SWF in browser

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    Fullscreen and aligning SWF in browser

    I am trying to replicate this in flash:

    I have figured out to make a flash .swf fullscreen in a browser by stretching the size of the stage to fill the window. However I want all the objects to be within one .swf, so that flash controls the alignment of the black bar and menu at left as well as the centered main site.

    How can this be done? At the very least, I would like the menu and site to be one .swf and the black bar at left could be another .swf or just be generated via html like it is in template.htm.

    Thanks in advance!
    Chris Grose

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    look up the Stage object in the help files:

    Stage.allowScale = "noScale";
    Stage.align = "TL";
    sobj = {};
    sobj.onResize = function() {
    //put your resize code here
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