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Thread: <img datafld> in Firefox.

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    <img datafld> in Firefox.

    does anyone know how to make this work in Firefox?

    <'img datafld="images" />

    I've looked through the web and all I found was "it ain't gonna happen" Now I've managed to get <'div datafld> working with some JavaScript help, but I can't figure it out for <'img datafld>

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    IIRC you can't bind img tags to this way, just tables/spans/divs or any kind of repeated layout element. Check the link I posted in your other thread for more info.

    ...or I could be wrong and you just forgot the # sign in your datasource variable name. On top of you making the same mistake you made in your other thread.

    As far as Firefox, there's some nasty JS workarounds you'll have to look up. Check the other thread, and google XML Data Islands and Firefox or Mozilla.
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