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Thread: A flash "command prompt"

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    A flash "command prompt"

    How simple(or hard ), will it be making 'flash command prompt' that
    allows you to type in commands then pass the entry on to a php file (from the game)
    for reading and for what to do next. After, it will return the answer back to
    the command prompt to display what happened. This application will
    be for a browser-based game that allows the player to 'hack' each
    other, buildings, etc and earn experiences for levelling up, etc, etc. Each line
    will be started with '>', 'C:\' (for example), and when the player
    press enter, it will submit the entry and the result will be displayed
    on the next line.

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    If you try searching for things, you will nearly always find them, flashkit is a very big resource.


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