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Thread: Creating a Flash app to create JPG files

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    Creating a Flash app to create JPG files

    Hey Guys:

    I wondered if this was actually possible in flash.. or better yet, if it was even done already.

    I wanted to see if I could create someting in flash that would create a JPG with some information.

    You figure when the flash file starts:

    It lets you select from three 'templates' (400px by 400px files with diff backgrounds)

    Once you have a BG selected, then you would wind up having a text field that you could type information in.

    Once you click on Create, it writes a JPG file to your deskptop with the 400px by 400px background and the text on it.

    Is this something that is done already somewhere to look at as a reference?

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    Writing out to binary files in special formats (such as jpegs) is pretty complex. It's not something that Flash can do on it's own.

    You could probably build the interface for controlling the composition in Flash, but ultimately the jpeg creation part would have to be done with either a C application or something like PHP.

    I'm not even sure if you can do this without licensing the JPEG format from the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts) group.
    Your best bet is probably to look up the image manipulation libraries that PHP, ASP or whatever you choose can use, or to see if you can find a C developer to help you put something together.

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    I'm looking to do something similar too.

    Does anyone know of a .net binary to image output class?


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