Hi guys
I have a major problem with Flash MX taking up a huge amount of processing power. Everything I do (especially in one of the bigger files I'm working on (fla is about 60 meg), the problem is not so bad with smaller files) makes Flash go into "unresponsive" mode, hangs the whole application for about five-ten minutes. And I mean everything. Adding a new layer, copying and pasting, opening folders in the library, typing text... Every single little action causes the program to hang. During this time it takes up about 200 meg in memory (got 512) and 100% of CPU power. No other programs are affected or behaves in this way. I have wiped my harddrive and reinstalled everything, to no avail. Running on XP SP2 w 512 in RAM, 2.1 gHz CPU, lots of harddrive. This is driving me insane since something that would normally take two minutes to accomplish now takes about an hour. Any ideas?