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Thread: HTML bigger than swf?

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    I published my fla into html & swf, but now the swf-file is 65 kB, and the html-file is 190 kB, and even too big to open in wordpad....

    what's happening here?!?

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    aht else have you got on the page. flash and a minimalist page work best. use standard teccqniques for reducing file size.. other than that, and w/o more info, there is little i can do to help you.

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    Remove the "text used in this movie" and all the txt till the <OBJECT> tag . This is the problem .

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    Yea, I had this problem too with one of my movies. I did remove the text as GMF said, but it still did not work. I ended up having to create a completely new HTML file and embedding the SWF into that - then it worked fine HTML went from 190K down to 2K.

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    I have no Idea what you did or even what you talking about. The HTML that the Flash is on should not be that large- You did something to it.

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    I'm afraid GmF was right...hehe
    it was the text that did it.
    I took the text that i used in the fla and broke it apart...
    the difference was 130 kB! Would you believe that!

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