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Thread: Dark Colur Background.. what colours work well

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    Dark Colur Background.. what colours work well

    Hey All

    Hey can someone help me out with colour here please. By the way my keyboard setup in a different language so questionsmarks etc... i dunno where they are.

    Anyways im going to make a site as i been learning new media for around 4 years and done nothing''

    Im looking for certain colours, not really to provide meaning because my flash site is minimal etc but the tutorial pages i want to be the opposite, dark.

    Anyways basically i want to create it in dark grey as the background and a lighter gray for other things. However, i have also previously noticed the use of bright orange and bright green fonts, bullets.. on the dark background. This looks really clean and nice providing you dont batter the bright colours.

    What other colours work well with dark gray as a background on the web. i cant remember the sites i have seen this on which is really annoying so i thought this was the best place to ask.

    Thanks loads.

    666666 for background if you pardon the missing hash sign


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    Hi have a go with this


    should get some good ideas flowing.


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