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Thread: trig formula

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    trig formula

    I need to make a trig function and I can't find any examples on this one: the challenge is to calculate an angle, when the lengths of all three sides of a triangle are known, but no angles are known.

    The only examples I can find assume that one angle of the triangle is already known. But there must be a way to do it if you know all three sides. Any suggestions?

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    you just need to use the law of cosines
    cos A = (b + c - a) / 2bc
    cos B = (a + c - b) / 2ac
    cos C = (a + b - c) / 2ab
    so you can manipulate those around to just solve for the angle by doing:
    A = ArcCos[(b + c - a) / 2bc]
    B = ArcCos[(a + c - b) / 2ac]
    C = ArcCos[(a + b - c) / 2ab]
    i hope that helps ya

    ps..this isnt actionscript, its just regular math

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