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Thread: New Space Ship Game!!

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    New Space Ship Game!!


    Check out this awsome new game im makeing.
    I Think its turning out really good.

    Doge the blocks useing the left and right arrows.
    while shooting with the space bar.

    Once have made a shot in each of the three columbs you get a point. The counter at the top of the screen resets and its time to get another combination of thee rows.

    As you get to a higher level the speed of the blocks increase.

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    Nice game! it's pretty challenging and addictive!. But I have to make some suggestions: It would be better if instead of making click over the play again button you could only press any key to play again. Anything else is really nice, I liked the game a lot and that of the shots too, but maybe improving the graphics of the levels a bit will be nice.
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    "There was a movie clip so stupid that failed a hit test." heh, funny, PhobiK. But it's the creator that would be the stupid one.

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    Nice Idea.
    The motion might not be hurt by making the movement fluid instead of choppy.
    And I was for quite a long time thinking that I could only shoot the top when my ship had a clear line of sight to it. That made the game much more challenging and increased tension. So that's a recommended design decision from me.

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    sorry im so late,
    I couldent seem to get on a computer

    I Published it on my site

    So thanks for your input.

    You can press enter to automaticly play again
    (now that its published on my site you have hit it twice because of the high score list)

    The motion might not be hurt by making the movement fluid instead of choppy.
    I thought about this but the way my game works I whould have to completly re make it to do it.
    I kind of like it choppy to.

    The new game now has sound to.

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    my god


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