Hi everyone,

I have a Button class I made, which is Buttons.as and I link that to each movie clip in my menu.fla file. It works how it is setup right now, but I need to make it so when I click one of the buttons it stays selected (downState) and then when I click another button it will stay selected and the other will reset to the normalState. I bet this is probably fairly simple with using an 'if' statement, I'm just not sure how to go about doing it.

Here's my script:
class Buttons extends MovieClip {
	// connects handlers with the functions
	function Buttons() {
		onRollOver = overState;
		onRollOut = normalState;
		onPress = downState;
		onRelease = releaseState;
		onDragOut = dOutState;
		onDragOver = dOverState;
	// function for normalState
	function normalState() {
		// normal state (frame 1 of mc)
	// function for overState
	function overState() {
		// over state (frame 2 of mc)
	// function for downState
	function downState() {
		// over state (frame 3 of mc)
	// function for onRelease
	function releaseState() {
		// mouse up (frame 2 of mc)
	// function for Draging off the mc
	function dOutState() {
		// drag out of mc (frame 1 of mc)
	// function for Dragging over the mc
	function dOverState() {
		// drag over of mc (frame 2 of mc)
I am greatful for any help.

Thank you,