My last message was the last flaming message that you'll hear from me dude. I have been going through my old threads and relalized that I was also a big newbie(which I still am quiet frankly).

So, on a friendly note, as a fellow fk'er, I will suggest you to always start with smaller projects. I have got around 12 games which are still in beta state, even after an year of work on them, and the work is not even close to being complete.

When you use the word RPG, the first things people get in mind is a huge game, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE, which will involve inventories to characters to arrays to maps to what not!

My suggestion to you, as I have heard from everyone till my time on fk, is to start small and then grow up on it. Try to make small games, add more functionality to them, use those ideas with even more new ideas and learn more actionscript and read through tutorials(read, read, read).

Welcome to flashkit!