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Thread: [rant] So....what's your thoughts on the new forum design?

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    Untitled-1.fla strille's Avatar
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    [rant] So....what's your thoughts on the new forum design?

    My initial reaction wasn't very positive... I couldn't find the "user's online" list, the list of topics isn't as compact as the old one, and I'm not familiar with the larger icons.

    I'm sure I will get used to it, there's nothing "wrong" with the new design and there's probably some nice new features etc.

    What are your thoughts on it?

    P.S. I'm attaching a screenshot of the old design as a reference for coming generations of FK:ers

    Edit: Please dear (design) God remove the grey outline around the online-button, edit-button and quote-button at the bottom of each post. It may be subtle, but it looks awful.
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    Style Through Simplicity alillm's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    I like it I dont think anything major has been taken away, the user list being at the bottom is a bit annoying, but other than that i think its a good improvment, seems to be more topics on 1 page, and new replys are in bold, all good imo.


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    I'm not a big lover of it, but I think that's purely 'cause it's change, and us older people ( 33 on June 8th. Yep, that's the 8th of June ) get settled in our ways.

    I've been coming here for what, nearly 4 years now, and all of a sudden it's different. It's kinda like changing your underwear after a month, you miss the comfort that comes with a crispy crotch and it takes a while for the clean pair to bed in.

    Like my pants, I imagine in a month it'll feel right and the old way will just seem nasty.


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    Lurker at Heart EgoAnt's Avatar
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    Yeah, so far I like the forums, however, with the old forum I had changed the default style to the blue theme and was really liking it. Is there any way to change the style on this one? I'm not a big fan of these colors...

    (P.S. I'm 32 and June 7th, Squize! So I'm not that far behind you! Glad to see I'm not the only old fart lingering around here )
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    Insignificant Member Joshman_123's Avatar
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    I don't like it. The best forum I've seen so far is the Newgrounds forum. Everything is perfect. Well designed website.
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    self-portrait Kianis's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I know what you mean Squize I hate it, but I guess I'll get used to it (and obviously
    there's a lot of adjusting left).

    I just hope we get some actionscript highlightning, the forum is about flash after all.
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    Official Shoe Shiner thehumanchimp's Avatar
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    at least they've changed the poster information panel, which only a few hours ago was situated horizonatally above the post (which quite frankly, looked horrific), as opposed to the usual position of being to the left of the post which it is now.

    That stupid oneNote ad at the top needs to be binned aswell, it really does look rubbish.

    the search thing went alot faster as well only a few hours ago, but thats because it hadn't indexed any of the posts, so just came back with "no topics found", but now that it has indexed some of them, it seems to ba back to usual FK speed, i.e. enter search term, come back an hour later and hope it has finally found something - thats if it hasnt timed out first.

    apart from that, it'll take a bit of getting used to.
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    M.D. mr_malee's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    yeah i like it but those icons do need some work, for some reason it just irritates me looking at them, i just wanna open photoshop and get rid of the edges.

    , I like mr T
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    Senior Member lowestformofwit's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_malee
    yeah i like it but those icons do need some work, for some reason it just irritates me looking at them, i just wanna open photoshop and get rid of the edges.

    , I like mr T
    Thanks for pointing that out. That's gonna really bug me now...

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    Patron Saint of Beatings WilloughbyJackson's Avatar
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    Ro-cha-cha-cha, New York
    I miss the skin I was using... I always hated the yellow and blue color scheme. Hurts my eyes...

    Oh yeah, and the Flash advert in the upper right destroys the cleaness of the design.
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    Senior Member lowestformofwit's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    I was used to my forum being grey.

    This orangey look is all a bit too new and disorientating and to make matters worse I can't find the 'change it back to grey' option...

    But, like Squize, its change I fear...

    (Oh, and I might as well say i'll be 32 on the 4th of june. So make sure the presents come to me first...)

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    May 2005
    i like it and the quick reply box is handy it takes a bit of getin use to cus they changed the position of the adds (i though i wos missing somit)

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    Script kiddie VENGEANCE MX's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    The flash advert should be moved in between the Flash Kit navigation bar and the forum navigation bar, otherwise it seems like it's overlapping them. That's my main issue.

    They should put the 'Thread Starter' column back in. I always found it VERY useful. If the column is put back, the other columns should be re-arranged in the order they used to be in order to accomodate it better.

    I don't like the blue border around the collapse arrows. It should be transparent, otherwise it doesn't seem as much in harmony with the rest of the forum.

    I like the Private Messages thing. Now I don't have to look in my user cp to realise I've got something to read.
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    better than chuck norris
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    Jun 2004
    West Coast of Michigan
    i like the quick reply thingy.

    the design is easier on the eye, but looks sort of cheesy.

    i give it a thumbs up.

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    SaphuA SaphuA's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    The Netherlands
    Tahaha I wasn't realy bothering making a post about this, because I thought no one would be interested anyway...

    I like some of the added added futures to the forum a lot, they're very usefull. I'm also a long-time members on these forums, so I'm was quite familiair with the old looks. I realy need to get used to these. It's currently still quite disturbing and confusing, but it'll fade away with time I guess. I'm not that old as Squize, so I guess it'll be easier for me to adept to new terrain and enviorments.

    I realy realy realy realy hate the huge squared banner in the upper-right corner!

    Edit: Btw, thanks for the screenshot Strille. I'll look at it every tuesday night, just for old time's sake.

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    As I had read in that thread in the coffee lounge, the styling is still being done. So let's see if all of this works out well.

    Iam really 60(good)-40(bad) on this. The new features and ease of use on the UserCp are nice, and also the caption showing the first post of a thread, if it is small enough.

    Iam really gonna give my vote for either centering that ad or remove the damn thing completly. This will create nothing but negative response in the user's mind for that ad, if they wish to keep it so. Aaarghhh, I can see it right now and it really hurts.

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    Filthy Gorgeous DancingOctopus's Avatar
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    It's good that they've finally upgraded to vB 3. Once they get the style issues out of the way, I think everyone will appreciate the changes.

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    ism BlinkOk's Avatar
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    , location, location
    it's the real estate that's killin me. i can only see about 3 posts per page where as before i could see about twice that. is there any way of changing the layout...font size.
    now the forum threads start about half way down the screen too,
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    leight.com.au leight's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    I like te new design actually, much better than the old style. However those buttons, nice one strille! now they will bug me forever It's got new features, looks better - actually I think it is a billion times better

    that quick reply thingo is really cool, the increase/decrease size in the reply to thread option ain't bad. you can minimise the thread, aditional options when replying - all very nice stuff go fk go!

    bugger! i hit reply and i got that stupid blank page (cannot find server) - lol oh well

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    Jan 2005
    Well, as all of us, I miss the old fk but I have nothing against this new smooth look.
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