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    Hi everyone...

    how can I create a mouseblur without a button effect.
    Means that I don't want to see a hand like in the behaviour
    of a button.

    Thanks in advance

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    You're asking if, when someone rolls their mouse over something on screen, you can have it blur, but not have the hand show up? Well, as long as you don't want the thing to be a button to some other section, you can do that with a movie clip.

    Create a new movie clip symbol. Place the static (non-blurred) image in the first frame. Place the images and blur-animation (however you did this) from the second frame on. Then, create a new layer above all the others that you call "actions" In the first keyframe of the movie clip, put a stop action. In the last frame of the clip, put a "go to" action, telling the clip to go back to the first frame and stop.

    Now, make one more layer. In the first frame of this layer, make a solid shape. This will be a button, so make it roughly the shape that you want to be "rollable". Then, click on it and turn it into a button symbol. Edit this button and move the keyframe from "up" to "hit".

    So, what you have is a button with nothing but a hit area. It's invisible in the final movie (even though it shows up as a pale blue on the stage). So, why did you put in a button if you don't want a hand? Well, we're going to pull the old "switcheroo". In the second frame of the button layer, place an empty keyframe (you can hit "F7" on a PC). Go back to frame 1 and double click on the button. Give it a "go to" action. You want it to go to frame 2 and play.

    So, when someone rolls over the button, it will tell the movie clip to go to frame 2 and start playing the blur animation and there won't be a hand because there isn't a button in the subsequent frames of the movie.

    hope this helps (rather long-winded, aren't I?)

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