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Thread: What font are they using ?...

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    What font are they using ?...

    Hello everybody,

    I've found an amazing website that uses a font for the main body text that i can't identify !?! I have tried font searches by sight but i just cant match it to anything !

    This is the url : http://www.musacollective.com/

    Please if you know this font and where to get it from, could you put me out of my misery

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    looks like simple Verdana to me. just really small.
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    Looks like Fixed_v01 to me
    pixel font designed for 8pt
    orgdot hosts the font.

    We do btw have a fonts forum
    Here's an extremely helpful thread from there

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    Thankyou for your reply Frets and your very useful information/links. Really appreciate it.

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