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    Full Screen

    Hey Guys, I am playing around for the first time with using flash on the Pocket PC. I have no problem running a .swf from within an html file, however it will not run on its own. Is there any way to get a .swf file to run full screen, and without the html.


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    The regular Marcodeia (Edit: Or Even MacroMedia) FlashPlayer for Pocket PC doesn't allow it.

    You'll need a specific swf player installing on the Pocket PC, like FlashAssist from Ant software. There are some others out there too, but I think this is the cheapest and it seems to do the job.

    Ant Software


    PS - Remember to turn your frame rate right down when writing for the Pocket PC. Otherwise it hogs all the processor and the Pocket PC dies.
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    What if I want to publish a standalone Flash application for the Pocket PC?
    (like a windows .exe)
    I have a Tungsten E and it will not let me transfer .html files to it. I don't even think it has an browser installed.

    Is there any way to do this without spending $500 on Marcomedia Pocket PC Flash Projector?

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    does Tungsten E run exe files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keith30
    does Tungsten E run exe files?

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    For full screen PPC you either purchase the $500 standalone and bundle SWF and player together for one download


    use a 3rd party tool to compile a full screen viewer, your SWF(s) and other assets into a .exe (installer) but the user must also download and install the free PocketPC flash player to view the SWF. You cannot distribute the Flash ActiveX control in this second case.

    You can also build your own full screen viewer for free using vb or c. There is a good explanation of how to do this in the book Flash the Future which you can buy used for $10.

    There is no flash player available for Tungsten E or any other Palm devices.
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