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Thread: Remember Session/Last Frame with cookie

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    Remember Session/Last Frame with cookie

    Hey all..

    I've seen some people work with cookies to prevent flash from playing again for the same visitor within a 24 hour period, however I am trying to do something a bit different.

    My goal is to use a cookie to determine the last frame a person viewed, this way if I have a flash movie tied into my site, and they visit another page, or reload a page or leave my site completely and return later, I would like the flash to pick up at the last frame they saw.

    Is this possible?

    I primarily use asp if there would be accompanying code. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks.
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    not there
    you could use a local shared object...
    google it...

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    Floating Scroll Box in MX Flash

    PLEASE HELP! The problem that I am having is with these floating text scroll bars which were created on a Mac using Flash MX.

    I.E. Please go to www.ericmantel.com - click on "ENTER" click on "ABOUT ERIC" then click on "Endorsements" and you'll see exactly what I am talking about!

    They need to be expanded to fit for more text if needed. The text area is too small. They can only fit a certain amount of text in the text area before it gets chopped off. I figured out on how to expand the text inside the scroll area but the text scroll bar itself doesn't stay within the scroll arrows of the scroll bar, it goes beyond. What I need to be able to do is, expand the text so the scroll bar stays within the arrows of the scroll bar. It needs to expand to the amount of text being typed inside.

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I have been trying to get this problem fixed for over a year now and no one wants to help me!

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