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Thread: Google has failed me... iSight on the PC?

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    Google has failed me... iSight on the PC?

    Man. It must be a bad month already... Google's failed me three times already.

    Well, maybe that or I'm looking for stuff that really doesn't exist.

    Anyway, I have a Mac, and I have an iSight and was wondering if any of you guys knew if there was an app/chat app/capturing program that supports that webcam on the PC well.

    I got a reason why... just seeing if I need to invest more time into this though.

    no. homemade pr0n isn't the reason, of any kind

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    Apparently, according to this post by a guy named yapcw, the iSight will work without installing any drivers on Windows XP. That is if you have a firewire card. The only problem is the built-in microphone won't work, but Apple states that third-party software developers are welcome to write a driver for it.

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    Okay for one..Pcworld says it is 150$ USD..Holy sh..Why do you have a webcam for..that..

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    Yeah, video works. So does MSN, slightly. Just no way of controlling the colors or focus.

    I didn't pay 150.00 for it...good to have connections sometimes.

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    Fell off the back of a lorry eh gerbs...

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    the following both work well with the iSight.

    EvoCam for mac...

    webcamxp for windows...
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    I would love to have a solution to this as well...
    how do you know if webcamxp can let a mac user with iSight video chat with a pc user with another webcam? I was looking on their site but it doesn't really mention anything like that.
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    Two results from Google Groups:


    The real trick is that Windows XP dosen't have a direct interface with the
    camera so inorder to ajust the Color, White Balance etc. you'll need some
    web cam Software... however after you set it up once it will maintain it's
    Nobody bothers to say WHAT software ...


    I didn't need to install any driver, the screen asking to search for a
    driver comes up twice but I just cancelled that. I do no use the 1394
    connection on my sound card, but a separate card.
    After connecting the camera and telling XP to cancel driver search twice, I
    use Yahoo Messenger ,or you can use MSN messenger, I go to Messenger, start
    my webcam, then if a window comes up to choose the device I pick the 1394
    device (I have Pinnacle TV, so it shows up too). Then the webcam window
    shows up with the camera working.
    THEN I choose File, Preferences which automatically opens to the web cam
    preferences, then I click on Camera Settings - this is where, on Video Proc
    Amp, you can change the Brightness, Hue and Saturation.
    After that, it will remain at those settings. The only thing is, when and if
    your room light changes, you may have to go back and adjust for that.
    Really, its not the pain in the A__ that it sounds, once you know where to
    change them its easy, MSN Messenger too.

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