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Thread: Opening seperate url's in same browser window

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    Opening seperate url's in same browser window

    Here's my issue in a nutshell...


    I having a bit of a problem. I have a movie clip with 2 buttons in which have the getUrl command that opens a html pages in a browser window. I want to be able to click on one link and it opens a new browser window with the page in and then when I click on the second link it opens it in the same browser window.

    Now I have name the window 'sellit' in my getUrl string as below (see end of string, you won't be able to see this working as this a demo site that is passwword protected):-

    on (press) {
    getURL("http://www.bla.co.uk/deeplink.jsp", "sellit");

    Second link:-

    on (press) {
    getURL("http://www.bla.co.uk/deeplink.jsp", "sellit");

    and the second link has the same window name 'sellit'.

    When you click on the first link it opens a new browser window, but when you click on the second link it opens another browser window.

    Any ideas why this is. I've tried these links in html pages and they do load the pages in the same browser window.

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    Trying to getURL open in same window

    Yeah I'm having the same issue. From CD and trying to get only one window open instead of multiple.

    Any ideas??
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    Sounds just like what i was trying to do: http://flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=561746

    - g

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