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Thread: Free font?

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    Free font?

    I’ve downloaded a font from dafont.com and want to use it for a catalogue. It doesn’t tell me how I can purchase it and I’m sure it wouldn’t be a free font (they usually state if a font is free/shareware etc). I posted on their forum asking and the same question, and according to someone there there’s no licence in the zip file which means it IS free.

    So what should I do, use it and hope for the best, or is there any way I can find out where to buy it from? I tried fonts.com and linotype.com, neither could find the font on their systems.

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    The fonts on dafont usually ARE free. But it's good that you check to make sure. What i'd recommend:
    -Open the font file by double-clicking on it
    -Look in the font information, it will usually say the copyright
    -Google for the font name + the copyright name (ie. Monotype Mead Bold)
    you should be able to get information on whether the font is freeware, shareware or commercial

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