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    Does anyone know of a resource site like Flash Kit that mainly discusses standard html, dhtml, xml, css, and java? And has something like Site Checks and Cool Sites for posting and getting feedback.

    Im not sure if I can post here at Flash Kit. Or I would. I wish they had a specific Forum for HTML Site checks. Just an Idea.

    Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks,


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    good morning,

    i know of one site, but unfortunately it's only avaible
    in german.

    maybe it's of help.


    also check


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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks for the great site links. The German one is no good because I have no idea what their saying.. LOL, But the other is a cool site..


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    well, the author of the german site keeps on promising
    there will be an english version soon...

    maybe it's worth to bookmark the site if sometime there
    actually will be an english version because this site
    is in fact one of the best resources....

    i'll keep an eye open for an english html site.

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    Man I hope so. It really does look like a great site. I can make out a few things but not enough to make any sense of it...LOL. I did bookmark it though. The other site is pretty cool also I just posted some site checks on it already.

    The only thing about that site is it seems to be aimed more towards graphic designs. I could be wrong I havent spent much time looking through it yet.

    I would really like to see a Forum on Flash Kit for standard html site checks. That would be great for all those people mixing Flash with Html sites.


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    keep hanging on...

    i think i have some english pages somewhere...

    i'll post them as soon as i find them..


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    sorry for "spamming" this thread but i found what i was
    looking for


    hope this helps

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