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Thread: .Fla taking forever to create .swf

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    .Fla taking forever to create .swf


    I'm running Flash MX 2004 Pro
    I've got an 8 meg .Fla file
    that spits out a 450 k .swf file (not complaining)

    I've got a problem (yea yea I know, otherwise we wouldn't be here)

    My Flash movie is taking 8-12 minutes to publish my .swf file.
    This is very annoying considering i'm still working on the website, and i need to publish fairly often.

    I have another Fla for another flash website that I'm working on, both the .swf and the .fla is 2-3 times as large, but only takes 20 seconds to publish.
    I compared publish settings, their identical. I've have no extra apps running in background, fast computer high memory etc.. (As in the problem isn't my computer)

    I haven't come across such a huge publish time before. (at least in my projects anyway, I once downloaded a 40 meg FLA file that consisted mostly of bitmaps etc put together for a 15 minute animation and that took a while to publish)

    The problem FLA consists of:
    Very few bitmaps
    Mostly vector graphics
    6 large flash forms. With text fields radio buttons, checkboxes. (all loaded in seperate scollPanes
    10 or so scrollPanes
    simple actionscript (mostly timeline control)
    content loaded externall through scrollpanes
    music tack loaded via actionscript on level1

    Thats about it. I'm not sure whats making flash take so long. It doesn't crash freeze etc.. and its the only FLA file I have that takes so long to publish. I don't have the option to scrap it and start over. And waiting so long to publish it for testing is wastng alot of my time (I'm waiting for it to publish yet again as I write this)

    Has anyone seen or heard of this kind of problem before??

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce the publish time?

    Does anyone think it could be the large forms? (if so I can load them from external .swfs if need be)

    I need all the help I can get on this.

    Thanks for at least reading this far


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    I think it's the components. I work on some really large files for CD presentations, 40Mb swf's and they take less than a minute. But I use no components in them. Probably all the code they use, it all has to be sorted out before you can see the swf.

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    Sorry for the late reply. I think I accidently deleted the e-mail letting me know my question was answered.

    I played around with some test FLAs, I think its a combination of components, and the fact my site consists of 7 or so scenes, 1 for each seperate page. (I find that its easier to edit the site if thats the case)

    A very basic Fla that took a second to publish took a minute when I took the exact same frames and split them into scenes.

    I wonder why....

    Anyway thanks.


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