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Thread: Displaying Accented Characters From XML in AS

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    Displaying Accented Characters From XML in AS

    Having trouble displaying a french character (specifically an accented e) coming from an xml file in a dynamic text field. I have dynamic text fields and drop down selection boxes that are being populated through an xml file. Everytime an "" or an "" (only these characters) in the string, it appears as a square or a copyright symbol. I have already tried the following...

    System.UseCodePage=true; --- this causes none of the text to show up at all.

    xml file as UTF-8 ... I have saved out the file as UTF-8, ensuring the byte order is UTF-8 and the encoding is set to UTF-8 inside the XML. When I do this, I turn of the UseCodePage because it's UTF. This causes the accented e character to show up as strange characters (box on PC and copyright character on a Mac).

    embedding the character as part of the text box's font set.

    setting up french characters in the UNICODE table application config file and embeddign these characters with the text box.

    I have also tried all of the above in various appropriate combinations. If anyone has a clue or an idea, please let me know.

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    I don't know you solved your problem but check this:


    and this for text from xml.

    It works with foreign language. Basically you save your textfile in unicode mode from your text application.
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