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Thread: Font export leaving out characters!!!

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    Font export leaving out characters!!!

    Alright, this is just weeeeird to me. I am using a pixel font called FFF Harmony. Im sure you know of it. But anyway, (navigate to www.paulhanak.com and click on graphic design, then read the text on the left.) Notice how its goofieied? Some characters are wrong?

    Well, here are my settings. Even if I use all character sets capital and lowercase, I still get the problem. When I PREVIEW it, it works fine. But when I publish, this is where the problem comes in. Furthermore, it is JUST that paragraph. If you navigate around the site, this problem isn't everywhere else.
    I am using dynamic multiline text without selectivity. (just like my others) I also include all uppercase and lowercase characters (and have tried autofill as well.)

    Any suggestions on this? It really erks me!

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Make sure that the font is embedded.
    Turn alias text off.
    Device fonts must be unchecked.

    It should now work correctly.

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