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Thread: Ensuring my Flash site is optimized for search engines...?

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    Ensuring my Flash site is optimized for search engines...?

    How do I ensure that I do all I can to make sure my Flash site is optimized for the web. My site consists of an .swf embedded in a single Html page (duh)

    What things should I consider?
    Are there special ways that I should be doing things differently with this in mind (like the use of various text fields in my movie)?

    I honestly have no idea where to start. At the moment I've just added some relevant key words/meta tags to the Html page.

    Many thanks in advance of your responses.

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    If search engines really concerne you you can do the following:
    1. Make a html (poor) version, using bold or strong tags to emphasize key words, put key words in headlines ...
    2. Put key words and description inside meta tags in html that holds flash.
    3. Register your site with search engines.
    4. Try to get as many pages that link or reffer to your page as possible (forums...).
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