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Thread: Switch (this) - Case (that)... some help. :)

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    Switch (this) - Case (that)... some help. :)

    I came up with this code while trying some obvious ones,
    to make all buttons disappear when one of them is clicked,
    and at the same time, one other of each appear.

    Home1.onPress = function(){
    Home1._visible = false;
    Home2._visible = true;
    switch (Empresa2._visible = false) {
    case condition : Empresa2._visible = true
    switch (Clientes2._visible = false) {
    case condition : Clientes2._visible = true
    switch (Forne2._visible = false) {
    case condition : Forne2._visible = true


    Now i would like to know if there is a away to put all those
    - ._visible = false - conditions, in one "switch" sentence, then all those
    - _visible = true - conditions in one "case".

    Is there a possibility? or i am dreaming.

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    the switch statement is useful for situations where you have an excessive number of possibilities, but a limited circumstance - i use it with keycodes in html form navigation for example
    function nav() {
    switch(event.keyCode) {
    case 13 : someElement.focus(); break;
    case 37 : someOtherElement.focus(); break;
    case 38 : someOtherElement.focus(); break;
    case 39 : someOtherElement.focus(); break;
    case 40 : someOtherElement.focus(); break;
    case 8 : if(event.srcElement.tagName!=='input') return false; break;
    case 32 : event.srcElement.focus(); event.srcElement.select(); break;
    other than that, it's not terribly useful. assuming you're just toggling visibility, its a relatively simple matter of using an array and a loop, maybe like this
    A = [Empresa2,Clientes2,Forne2];
    for (var i in A) if(A[i].visible) A[i].visible = false; else A[i].visible = true;

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    Thanx for the help, one more thing, is possible for a movieclip to
    unload it self?
    This is a bar with 5 or 6 buttons, after one of them alone is clicked they
    will get invisible then a movieclip will appear at the same place, but will
    be a short period of time, just about 75 frames, then it is supose to get
    invisible for the button to appear, is that possible?
    I thought that would work with some kind of timer, or some code that would
    read the movieclip and order it to get invisible when reach the 75 frames,
    something like that. Any help would be great.

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