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Thread: pixelation issues for artist site designer

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    pixelation issues for artist site designer

    i have been building my pages for a portfolio site in flash and have all the buttons working fine and scripted in the easiest manner possible. but for some reason i have two problems, that my actionscripting book does not seem to be helping with.

    the first is the more imortant of the two. my flash file, that is my home page, when exported seems to look fine as a .swf. however any other page that i try to create with thumbnails and good quaility jpeg images (which is a must for my artwork) exports pixelated. I tried to see if it is a corupt file or if an image is too big but it seems to be fine. Is there a limit to the size of flash file it can be before exporting to maintain a good crisp quality? i have heard you can use external images to reduce the file size. is this the best solution?

    my second issue is getting the pointer to stay a pointer over the buttons. i followed the directions in the actionscripting book and it doesn't seem to work.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    i work as an animator with flash all day and its so frustrating to have problems that seem so simple to solve.


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    on the cursor issue you could try: myBtn1_btn.useHandCursor = false;
    (In this case nyBtn1_btn is the instance name of the button on your stage)


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    Why wouldn't you want the pointer to change to a hand? This is letting the user know, hey click here. With the size issue, are you putting your swf into a html file? If you do this, it will contrain the size.

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