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Thread: sound loop

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    A basic question. How do I get a propper sound loop?
    Now, I tried a fiew things but it always came up with a problem. Like a small break in each loop or it somehow increases speed.


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    You should post this in the sound and music forum. This way anyone who is looking for the same answer can look at this thread in the sound area, and chances are you'll get better answers and faster. When you post the question again in the sound forum explain what you mean when you say "proper" To make good loops your gona need an sound edit program like sound forge etc. this will allow you to find a spot where the beat repeats. Takes a little time to learn but not that bad. I think I saw some free software to edit music in one of the threads in the music forum. Regards, Bill

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    I could help you with the problem of beats speeding up/slowing down. Just make sure you have a WAV file that has 22000 kHZ as sample rate. Otherwise flash will just speed things up or slow things down to get that 22000. And
    if you want to make your own music, you could do it the hard way and go get FT2 (fast tracker) from www.starbreeze.com. its FREE and SMALL, it'll fit on a regular 3,5 floppy disk. The only thing is that its hard to learn and make tracks with it. Sound editing programs are usually available as free trial version but with such a program you could down/up-sample wav files so that they are 22000.

    Good luck!

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