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Thread: Choosing Best Online Shopping Cart

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    Choosing Best Online Shopping Cart

    Ok I am setting up an online store that is gonna have a lot of inventory.

    I wanna know what software people here on flashkit use or recommend when setting up a store online.

    I'd prefer something using php and mysql, with easy to edit templates. Howver asp etc, could also be used if the are really good scripts.

    Also I like something with a simple abckend so I can teach people to manage my store for me.

    Any ideas would be awesome!

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    Of course you know about hotscripts.com... which is the first place that I normally check.

    There are quite a few free shopping cart scripts available.
    The really big difference lies in the exact features you require.
    Oscommerce is very popular and has a huge opensource community offerring all kinds of mods to add to the basic cart.
    Zencart is nice and has a low learning curve.
    Agora is pretty popular too.
    Also most merchant account/payment gateways offer their own shopping carts designed specifically for use with their product so depending on how you're processing payments could be a factor too.

    The last time I looked for a shopping cart script for a client I ended up purchasing a php/mysql script from ecommercetemplates.com
    They had good tech support and all the features my client was looking for in an easy to learn interface with a decent help manual so I didn't have to hold the client's hand afterward.

    You buy a ready to use template with the script already integrated so it's ready to go even if you aren't a web designer to begin with.
    Of course you'll probably want to just copy the php includes for the script out of the template and paste it into your own html page.

    You can even completely customize the administration side of the script so you can rebrand it before you give it to your client.
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    Moved... hot scripts is your best bet...

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    Try opensourcecms.com also. Although the name might throw you, they have an Ecommerce section that displays opensource carts and ratings.

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    thanks everyone will check it out.. I checked hotscripts but don't really trust the ratings. waqs looking for someone here that already used the script and liked it

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