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Thread: Navigation Type Button Help

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    Navigation Type Button Help

    Ok, here it is simplified as best i can, Main timeline 2 frames, first frame has a simple animation and a play button. Second frame has a movie clip that has 10 frames within it each with a next frame button. I am trying to find a way so that while going through the frames, i can press a "back" button that takes me to the main timeline in the first frame (done). and I want the play button when pressed again to take me back to the frame that i had pressed the "back" button from ... any ideas?

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    You can create a variable (in the main timeline) that stores the frame number you are at, when you click the button.

    Then, when you click the button, see if the variable exists. If it does, move the playhead to that frame.

    Something like:

    // one button:
    _root.frameImAt = some_mc._currentframe;
    // other button:
    if (_root.frameImAt != undefined)

    Well, you shouldn't use _root, but it's to make sure you get the point (and the correct target path to the main timeline).

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    awsome, thanks

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