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Thread: Please help upgrading components to MX2004pro

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    Please help upgrading components to MX2004pro

    Please help! I'm using a sample of a db edit fla I got off the web, and I customized it to my usage, and got everything working nicely. The fla was created in MX, with actionscript1, but I published it with AS2 and flash player7, and everything still worked fine. The fla uses asp to read a db, and populate a listbox and then the user can select a record and edit some text fields, etc.

    Then, to make things more dynamic, I changed the older MX combobox, to be a mx2004pro combobox, so that I could use the xmlconnector component to populate the combobox, etc. Now all of a sudden, it stops working! The combobox is being populated from the xml file nicely, but the listbox isn't being loaded with the data.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't know why just updating the component is causing this problem. I fear I may have some older actionscript that's causing a problem now? It's a 1 frame movie with an as file included


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    The v2 components work in a totally different fashion than the v1 components, so you'll definitely need to update your code...

    Here's a couple of links that might help:




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