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Thread: I want a web flash player like YouTube or..

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    I want a web flash player like YouTube or..

    Hello, I want a flash player that I will place on my site, and it will load an FLV file that I have created ( I will create many of these videos). I want this to be visually attractive, to buffer the video and have controls like the one on youtube.
    Another good one is the one they use for camtasia but that has an icon of camtasia that I dont want....

    Please help me out since I have been looking around for a long time.

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    You have the option of creating your own flvplayer app from scratch or using the components built into flash and styling/skinning them.
    Using playback components is, on the most part more simple, although not as easy to customize.
    I would advise starting from the beginning and looking over both help, under Using Flash>Working with Video and under devnet at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/video.html

    YouTube's video delivery system is really very advanced and far beyond the means of even the most skilled developers but you can create something capable of delivering small-scale video quite simply in Flash.
    Look over the above articles and you should find all the information you require to create a simple video streaming solution

    Hope this helps

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    is your file video, flv or swf?

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    This will play either swf or flv

    Here you go, only has start and pause though:


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