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    Exclamation Flash Battle :: Transitions

    Since the name of this site is dedicated to Macromedia Flash, I thought a Flash battle might be a consideration for some of you. I'd love to get into some sweet Flash battles, I've got plenty of ideas, but we'll see how this goes.

    Transitions The idea for this one is to use your Flash skills to transition from one stage to another. At the end, we'll put all our movies together, for one long movie of transitions. For simplicity's sake, the intermediate stages will simply be a solid color. Your job is to take the previous stage(a solid color, so no need to hand FLA's around, or make one huge FLA file) and transition the stage to another solid color, using whatever methods you want. You can do any level of animation in between, including some level of interaction, or whatever your creativity begs you to do.

    At this point, I'm open to help with the rules, but some of the things we would need to decide before hand:
    - Limit to transition length(in seconds)
    - How many different stages we use
    Should we keep the transitions shorter, with many of them(my preference) or allow for long transitional animations and not as many of them?
    [EDIT]See below for rules[/EDIT]

    I would love to hear people's feedback about this. I really would like to get this going on.

    To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's an unofficial serve. Transition white > black

    Someone would then pick it up, make the stage go from black and transform it to another color. Use your imagination.


    important! setup
    - Stage size: 800x600 (note: you can fake a smaller stage size if you want)
    - Framerate: 30fps
    - Publish version: 6 (if you have a good reason you want this to be v7, let me know, and I'll tell you why you're wrong )
    - Max length: 10 seconds minus interaction(lenient, but aim for this range)
    - Max filesize: 20-25kb(honestly, the goal of this is not meant to be lightweight, but explorative. So although we are on a web-based medium and should keep filesize in mind, do not break your back over it)
    - Do not repeat a color, or a color too similar. However we will end with white.
    Your SWF should be stand-alone, I will string them together when we are done. You can post a link to your SWF here, or email it directly to me(PM for email). I will post the end results here. Simply setup your movie(as described above), set your background color to the previous vollies end color, and have at it. To mark the end of your transition, put:

    1 - flashl!ght - white(#FFFFFF) -> black(#000000)
    2 - admedia - black(#000000) -> purple(#583A70)
    3 - Dricciotti - purple(#583A70) -> red (#A20909)
    4 - jAQUAN(guest) - red(#A10000) -> blue(#0000A1)
    5 - flashl!ght - blue(#0000A1) -> orange(#FF6600)
    6 - admedia - orange(#FF6600) -> brown(#80543A)
    7 - Dricciotti - brown(#80543A) -> green(#66CC00)
    8 - adamcronhill(guest) - green(#66CC00) -> pink!(#F9318F)
    9 - flashl!ght - pink(#F9318F) -> yellow(#FFFF00)
    10 - admedia - yellow(#FFFF00) -> orange-ish(#CC6600)
    11 - Dricciotti - orange-ish(#CC6600) -> white(#FFFFFF)
    Last edited by >flashl!ght<; 08-25-2005 at 09:13 PM.
    All the normal names were taken.
    Ron Paul was right.

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