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Thread: Controling a SPECIFIC scene in another movie in a diff FRAME!!

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    Wow im cracking my head open...

    Is it possible to tell a movie in another frame to goto to a specific movie clip?

    Can u use the tell target for example to tell a movie in another frame something???

    I can't figure it out...

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    You simply make your mc

    Give it an instance name (open the instance panel, insert a name)

    Now you can target it

    and tell it goto or whatever.

    Making sure your paths are correct using / and such.

    If you are coding in normal mode:

    click on the small bluesymbol in the bottom right corner of your actions panel after you have inserted the telltarget action

    and if you have given the movie clip an instance name it be listed here.

    click it and all paths will be correct.

    hope i helped.


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