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Thread: Banner Ads

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    Banner Ads

    Hi! Long time listener, first time poster here.

    Was just wondering if any developers out there had experienced any problems with MSN Flash Banners.

    I'm having a bit of difficulty convincing the powers that be and the adserver people that it is the Flash banner eating CPU resources. The banner in question is the "MSN Search Toolbar" with loads of floaty alpha gradient fading, pseudo random stuff affected by mouse movement. Looks pretty but it causes my machine (dual processor 2.8GHz) to grind to a halt in FireFox. Is this another case of an arty designer getting carried away without any idea of how Flash can impact CPU resources?

    Useful tips like 'buy a new computer' and 'maybe its the website' (be a first for HTML eating CPU resources) from "techincal support" people were not greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to move this posting if its in the wrong area but thought fellow experienced pros like yourselves may have experienced similar issues with these banners whilst developing sites.

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    Do you have a link to the banner?

    I don't know, but with that system, I have a hard time believing a banner could grind it to a halt unless programmed really badly... like malicious bad.

    I have had slowdown problems on much older systems that I have adjusted for, but only on full flash, graphic-intensive applications, not a simple banner ad.

    I think there may be something else going on with your browser / computer or other code on the page.
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    We've taken the banners down off our site as users were complaining about it being slow and it was affecting other client side stuff like JS menus. Its now purring along quite nicely.

    I copied the two banners from the temp folder and have attached a zip of them just in case you were interested and wanted to see the results. Check the CPU usage when you open the banners to see if it shoots up. The horizontal banner should be 468px X 60px and the skyscraper 120px X 600px.

    Anyway, no need to stress about it anymore since we've taken it down. Cheers for your time :-)
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