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Thread: What is desirable feature of Flash message board.

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    I am pretty much interested in creating interactive application with flash.
    So far I studied how to intergrate server-side application with flash.
    You will see some small projects here I made during the study.
    http://tangible.new21.org/ [ Sorry it's written in Korean]
    http://tangible.new21.org/shbbs.html [message board or something]
    I made a counter, notice board, cool link, guest book, chat room, message board, etc etc....with flash4,5,cgi,php,mysql.
    All of them has been done to train myself because I was new to flash and cgi,php a few months ago.

    Now, I am about to jump into creating real application that must be kinds of only-possible-with-flash.

    Since flash amazed me, I thought I could do everthing with flash instead of html and I could prove it somehow.
    But, it had not been too long until I realized that it was never a good idea to just convert existing "html" application to flash version of it.
    I could see no differece between flash app and html app except the animated transition effects no matter how they are fantastic.
    And, some flash features decreased the usability of the interface. I think flash does never touch fundermental interface of the app as far as I searched .

    I don't want to waste my time in vain creating the same functionality and interface that server-script can do without much trouble. But,I am sure that I can create new application with new interface if I can find the right track on it.

    This morning, it was after staying the whole night with flash, I thougth I might be able to get some input about how to create only-possible-with-flash apps, what it is or wheather it is feasible or if it is worth to try or what is desirable interface with flash web application
    from FlashKit..!!
    Every input will help me to build new flash app of GPL.

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. if the question covers too broad to answer or hit around bush and never focused on something, go back to the title of this topic and scale down your answer
    And, I apologize for my poor english..

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    Your Message Board

    The message board on the second site you created is amazing! I think, to answer some of your question, that it would be nice to see a groupware set of tools or services for the novice web developer like myself to allow them to administrate and modify their own flash based bulletin board, chat room, video streams (theres a big one), and maybe even something crazy like a web/flash based email client. Just some thoughts, by the way, is the source to your message board available?

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