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Thread: Palm pda's

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    Palm pda's

    I've been looking around for a pda for about a week for the new school year,
    at first I had my heart set on the palmone T5, but then I started to look at the Life Drive one... and was trying to decide if it would be worth it to get the Life Drive pda so i could also use it as a mp3 player.

    But then i started to read reviews.............................
    I read alot of bad reviews for the Life Drive, but i also read alot of reviews from people who said they loved it. So i didnt know how good it actually was..

    I then started to read reviews for the T5 and got equally confused. The same good, bad, good, bad review trend was happening there.

    Both pda's had stability problems some people said, but while the life drive model had 4 gigs of space, a few more features and a longer battery span, its music quality was low and some people's pda's had to reset up to 10 times a day! there was also performance issues.

    So I was just wondering if any one here had either of these models, and would be able to tell me how they felt about them.

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    just wait a bit, palm is going to release a windows based pda

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    Oh really? hopefully the cpu will be closer to 700 mhz

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