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Thread: DataGrid - drag and drop rows

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    DataGrid - drag and drop rows


    I'm currently working on a Flash application using a datagrid. I want the functionality of being able to select and drag a row and move it around the stage (i.e i want to drag a row, or multiple rows, from a dataGrid and drop into a list and/or tree menu)

    Any help would be appreciated - I'd like to learn how to do this rather than buy an existing solution, so links to tutorials/code would be better than links to things like this http://drumbeatinsight.com/taxonomy/term/27/9

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've got a datagrid, if you've got the patience to implement the drag & drop functionality.

    This actionscript datagrid already has edit / update / delete / sort / pagination functionality built into it, and it contructs itself from any array with 2 additional elements added to it to describe the table.

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    Sephiroth has a drag and drop tree which i believe is a cell renderer for the list component and since the datagrid inherits from the list class you might be able to port it somehow, other than this i haven't seen any open source D&D datagrid extensions or components for 2004, there were a couple for mx on flashcomponents.net.


    hope this helps some,

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    A little HELP for the designers among us?

    I'm the only one who knows flash in my group and I've been tasked with making a prototype interface which needs drag and drop between datagrids. Dammit Jim, I'm a designer, not a programmer! No matter what Adobe (formerly macromedia) claims about components being easy for designers, this is not easy stuff.

    When it comes to creating cute icons or pretty interfaces, I'm the one. However when it comes to cool fuctionality, I can dream it up... but not code it from scratch. I need a tutorial, people! Something with code I can copy/paste/lightly tweak. The Adobe forums are no help! n: Where is the example code?? Where are proper tutorials? I've been banging my head against this for too long now and I'm screaming for HELP!!

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