i've tried using code from this old thread

// noScale prevents content in the movie resizing (unless we tell it to!)

Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";

// LT means all positions measured from the top left hand corner

Stage.align = "LT";

// a function to be called when the movie resizes

// this will resize the background clip to fill the stage

bg.onResize = function() {

this._width = Stage.width;

this._height = Stage.height;


// get the bg clip to listen for events (onResize)

// broadcast by the stage object


bg._x = bg._y = 0;


// this function will position the content clip in the centre

// when the movie resizes

content.onResize = function() {

this._x = (Stage.width - this._width) / 2;

this._y = (Stage.height - this._height) / 2;




... however i can't seem to figure out how I get my content to sit in the centre at the bottom of the browser. If I change the stage.align to "CB" the background doesn't fit the browser anymore. can anyone offer some advice or a tutorial