I want to say that ... as a flash developer, i really aprecciate it and i really like all the changes in flash 8, but....where the f+ck does the standars come?

AS is great...but.......its weird...same for lingo..its extremely weird. I mean...there should be standards for creating this and that...but no.... you need to create your movie in AS, ahh...but if like to maipulate it from javascript, you need to use a different name for the built in AS functions. What about the <object> and <embed> tags used to place a swf movie in a browser?????? are they easy??? comprensible?????

What about freehand and its weird gui?, why lingo differs that much from c++ or java or something like that. It sucks, i have 8 years programming and i can still understand lingo very well, i have to use my memory instead of my ideas. That comes for all macromedia. Objections? Ideas? Opinions?