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we should re-define our irregularities to create a universal mode of programming.
That's like saying that there should be only one spoken language. The problem with that is determining which one is the correct one.

There are zealots for every programming language out there. Some will argue that Ruby is the greatest ever while someone will say that Perl is the best and how wrong people are about wanting to use PHP. Some people prefer to have control over memory management in their programs à la C++.

The only answer is to use the right tool for the job and environment. Don't complain about not being able to use .NET because you're stuck dealing with a vanilla setup of some *nix system and apache. Either get it to work the way you want it to or deal with the tools that are available to you.

Don't go to some other country expecting everyone to speak your language. Either learn the language or be stuck with your tourist phrases and goofy hand gestures