i was doing some tests:

in blogger, you can set up an incoming email account, so all emails sent to that account are posted in your blog.

Then, in a gmail account I set up it so that all mails are forwarded to the blogger account.

In few words, it's made so that all email sent to my gmail account are automatically published in a blog, and therefore, they are published in the rss feed. So, i could have any rss feed to read my mails

Of course, they would be completelly public, but well, this is just a test.

With perl and access to your aliases file (for that you'd need your own server), it'd be quite easy to create a script that captures all emails of a mailbox and turn them into an rss file.

after that you could basically have you're rss fed to your favorite rss reader.

Also, i guess one could make the script to analize senders and subjects, and create categories out of them, or channels. So you could receive your email completelly categorized and filtered.

I know this is dumb, because: there's no need for this; you can't answer back from an rss reader, the rss would get huge after a while.

But I was thinking this could be used to make distributed email applications, where you post and all suscribers to that email receive it. And then mix it with a comment application (blog style) or a tagging application, or yes a social networking application. So you can create groupware via rss + email, pseudo mailing lists, even forums that would work via email (isn't that called newsgroup), etc....

If email worked that way, wouldn't you also be able to reduce spam easily? or would it be easier to be spammed?

And well, there's also the security issue....but anyway...I was just brainstorming in public....sorry about that :P