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Thread: Pixel Font shown badly on others computer

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    Pixel Font shown badly on others computer


    I have some questions. I have every options selected to have the fonts look clear (dynamic text, size 8 (as advised), rounded position values, selectable). They look all ok on my pc, but on a laptop, they look horrible! Some kind of texts, very small unreadable texts in black (I have my texts in medium brown). How come? Am I missing something? And also on others computers, my pixel fonts are very small and unreadble. I'm using Flash MX 2004. There's also a button next to Var:, that's called Character.It says "Embed font outlines for: No Characters or Specify Ranges. The default option is No Character. First I kept it that way, but then I tried the Specify Ranges option and chose: Uppercase [A..Z], Lowercase [a..z], Numerals [0..9], Punctuation [!@#%..]. They look now as they should look (the texts) on a laptop as well as on my pc. Only they look blurry. How come? Do you maybe have any idea? Does laptop always display something differently? Now I have the Characters options off again. Why do they show as they supposed to be on my computer, but not others? Help!

    Hope you have some answers!

    Thanks a lot!
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    The CHARACTERS button isfor embedding the font outlines. Thats the only way you can be shure the font looks the same on all computers.

    The reason they look blurry may be because they are inside a movieclip. For the textfield to be on whole pixels, the movieclip does too.

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