Ok, im relatively new to flash, only been using it for about 3 days. I have the hang of the very basics in flash, and some actionscript. Now, im making a battle test, its very basic. Final-fantasy based, turn system, attack, ability, potion. Now, its just a bttle test so it has nothing else, so im wondering about...:
(Im using flash mx... 2002?)

Inventory: How do i create inventory, im totaly lost with this concept...

Armor, apparel: Just like inventory, im lost. I can create the art, but the actionscript is screweing with my head >.>.

Enemy actions: Basicaly, i roll a random integer value, 1-5=attack 6-11=secondary attack 12=critical attack.

Your actions: Based on buttons, attack, ability, potion. Attack is based off two integers, Base Damage and Random Damage. Base + Rand = Overall Damage. Health being an integer, name being a dynamic string.

Animating attacks: Im not sure how to go about doing this, i can animate something, but im not sure if i should switch out the figure with the animating one, or just have an integer to tell it what frame to go to?

Visual Distance: Gah, im no artist, and this is my death point. I cannot, for my life, make something look closer or farther away, is there a good art turoial on visual/draw distance?

Thanks for the help in advanced.